Egg drop Challenge

Talk about a fun project and getting out of the classroom.

The students had previously studied some basic laws of force (push and pull). We decided to lead into the force of gravity and what better project than the “egg drop”.┬áBecause the age of the children (6 y/o) is a bit young to design and construct the project on their own, I helped out quite a bit. But they were able to do a lot themselves in pairs and I pushed them in areas where I felt they were capable to work it out themselves.



  • a box or basket
  • tissue paper
  • string
  • rubber bands or a balloon to hold the egg in the middle
  • tape


  • PARACHUTE – a garbage bag, chopsticks, string, and duct tape (don’t forget to cut a hole in the middle of your “chute”.

We left class an hour early to go to the local park near the mall. Then we found a nearby building where we could get a little higher. Click the video to see the kids try out their projects.

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Head teacher at American Pacific Schools