Pizza Box fractions

Okay, so kids at our schools love doing math. Kara, is ridiculously good at math for a 6 year old girl and the boys are excellent as well. We had been studying division using the baby marshmallows in all different colors and dividing them into groups. It was more of a chore to stop them from eating the marshmallows but they did a great job and understood how to divide at a basic level.

So anyways, we had lots of left over pizza boxes in our supply room so unless we were going to design our own battleship game in the near future, it was a good way to use up the materials.

We had a lesson on pizza and toppings. I drew a big pizza on the board and let the students begin to draw in their own toppings.

Once they were finished, we discuss how many pieces in a pizza and how many each of them could eat if we divided it up equally (reviewing our division).

But then we started looking at the fractions side of things. I asked them how many pieces there were. They said 8 so I held up 8 in my hand (In China you can count to ten on one hand).

So I basically just kept up 8 on my one hand and used my other hand to represent the size of the fraction (e.g. Kevin, here’s 3 pieces. How much of the pizza is that? 3/8… that’s right).


The students picked it up really fast and we had some fun with worksheets.



  1. Make a perfect 8 inch circle in your pizza box using a classroom object (they found the paper plates).
  2. Put at least 4 toppings on your pizza.
  3. Pizza must be split into 8 equal size parts.
  4. Include at least 3 fraction sentences inside your box.
  5. Math and Fractions should be labeled somewhere inside the box.

Materials were easy

  • a pizza box
  • colored markers


Their slices weren’t all equal sizes but that was a great teaching moment; I asked them how to make them all the same and Kevin realized he needed to find the center….

and that he could measure how long it was from one side to the other and then divide that number into half in order to find the middle point (for next time).

Overall, it was a lot of fun and the kids learned a lot very quickly!


If this style of teaching sounds interesting to you or someone you know, we sometimes have positions available for certified instructors. Check out our website at American Pacific Schools.