Here’s another great example of what teachers can look forward to at American Pacific Schools.

We introduced landforms right after our land, water, and air series (with transportation and animals to categorize). The landform units was actually really easy to teach… we had a whole map of different landforms on the whiteboard and they got to pick and choose which ones they wanted to make.

This project also takes two lessons to teach. The first lesson we studied landforms and then completed our worksheets and made our play dough.

SIMPLE “no cook” PLAY DOUGH recipe

  • 2 cups flour & a cup of salt (mix)
  • 1 cup water & 3 drops food coloring (slowly add in until consistency is what you want)
  • Add a tablespoon of cooking oil to your hands and knead

Play the vid if you’d like to see the kids. They’re pretty focused on their work.

So, we made some great play dough…….. but…….

It’s really humid here, so if you want to keep your play-dough intact, better to wrap it and keep it in the fridge.

Check out the end of class video link for our LANDFORMS!

Hope you enjoyed!

– Pete