A Timeline of the Program

13 workbooks to bring students up to a 6th reading level at minimum. With a class studying 2 hours a day, the Program needs a total of 44 weeks to allow students to finish.

  1. Books 1-5 of the program will take 10 weeks to teach. That includes the 21 consonants and 5 short vowels.
  2. Books 6-9 will take 17 weeks (each week one vowel phoneme will be taught).
  3. Books 10-13 will take another 17 weeks. 

Usually, because life isn’t perfect and you’ll have snow days or sick students, mixed levels of students in the same class, etc… 44 weeks is a bit optimistic in a regular class setting. However, if your students are leveled and grouped appropriately, you will fly through it.

Most of my trouble with going faster in the program is that my students aren’t native English speakers so we spend longer on our discussions and communication. My students as of present are also kindergarten students so some of the concepts are more difficult to grasp.